Our Mission

Project Excess seeks to help improve the lives of underserved people. We collect household and clothing surplus from individuals and businesses, then partner with existing ministries to identify and deliver to those in need.

Our Vision

  • The mission of Project Excess is to share the love of God by connecting people with the comforts of home when they have a need.
  • PX collects excess household goods, furniture, clothing, and cleaning supplies. We then redistribute these items to people that find themselves in a situation where they are in need.
  • Our goal is to help them make their house a home by supplying basic household items. Through the generous donations of others, and God's great love, we hope to help them enjoy a fulfilling life.
  • PX works with existing organizations by partnering with them in their efforts. Our aim is to work with organizations that help individuals or families with transitional housing. We also work with organizations that help families get back on their feet after many types of catastrophes.